Welcoming Public Spaces

Welcoming Public Spaces focuses on public realm improvements, which means we look for opportunities in the physical urban space to enliven and enrich your street experience. We believe High Street Kensington and its surrounds can be more sustainable, more inviting and more exciting.

With our projects, we hope to create an environment that is safe, clean and green. We look for ways in which our business members, and the wider Kensington community, can benefit from initiatives which respond to challenges that high streets face today.

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More sustainable. More inviting. More exciting.

One of our aims is to introduce more green infrastructure, such as trees and rain gardens, to work towards transforming High Street Kensington into one of the greenest streets in London. We also proactively work with government bodies and institutions to garner support for wider pavements, later licensing hours, better cleansing operations, and street wardens.

If you’d like to join our theme group, Welcoming Public Spaces, which focuses on such projects, please email [email protected]