The opportunity

To create green and attractive public spaces that increase dwell time and innovatively tackle issues such as congestion and air quality, improving our environment for all.

The pandemic has amplified the importance of public spaces.

An abundance of retail and leisure attract footfall to the High Street; it is bustling but often congested. Step just one or two streets back and the quiet side streets and “villages” with characterful cafes and small shops feel like a world apart.

Opportunity Kensington will:

  • Create a greener and more attractive public realm that improves wellbeing and increases dwell time in the area.
  • Deliver a better high street experience.
  • Ensure Kensington High Street is safe, secure and welcoming, using measures to tackle crime and social issues such as homelessness.
  • Test innovative solutions to improve air quality and reduce congestion.
  • Identify and advocate for additional investment in streets and spaces through partnership with organisations such as
    the GLA and TfL.

“We are encouraged about the proposed BID’s ambition to tackle issues such as air quality and congestion in the area, and are excited to learn more about how we can work together to make this happen.”

— Andrew Hatch, Community Partnerships Specialist (West), Transport for London

Get involved

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